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Entertainment Blog of the Month, started in October 2007 and aimed to honor outstanding Entertainment/ Celebrity/Humor Blogs. (Which is the author's favorite topic) "Entertainment Blog of the Month" Award is given to those outstanding entertainment/celebrities Blogs who gain more fan votes and blogger's vote than the other nominated blogs.


• Atleast have 20 post.
• Atleast 30 Days Old Blog.
• Must be a blog about "entertainment","celebrities" "humor" or anything related to it.
• Of course must be a blog, not website! ( a blog has date entries)
• Not a hardcore porn blog. a sexy blog will suffice.
• There must be atleast 20% English words in your blog.

• do not have a enormous ads/pop-ups/pop-under, malware or virus trying to install something.
• not a redirect page. (or a blog that redirect to another blog page with a different blog name or URL)
• Nominate a blog by posting a comment on this blog entry, or leaving a message on the chatbox found at the sidebar.You can nominate a maximum of 3 blogs.
• Partial Nominee will be listed here, so you can see what blog is nominated
• If you own more than 1 blog, you can nominate a maximum of 3 blogs. When nominating more than 1 blog via comments or chatbox don't use different nicks or aliases, your IP is logged so it can easily found out.
• The maximum of of 'Monthly Blog Finalist' is 11 Blogs per month, so leave a comment now or leave a message at the chatbox!

• If you don't win on this month, your blog can still be nominated as long you don't win the top spot of the month. ( 'Blog of the Month')
• Your blog's nomination will carry over the next month, you don't have to submit he same blog all over again. You will leave a comment only (or leave a note in the chatbox) if you want to remove your blog to the list of nominees.
• Carry over Blog Nominees means the Top 2 - 9 Blogs (based on polls) will carry over the succeeding month.
• Monthly Blog Finalist will be announced at the 1st day of the month, voting will start after that.
• The votations will starts 1st day of the month, ends at 27th of the month.
• If you're blog is not "Nominee", "Finalist" or "Monthly Winner" don't display any of the badges below, or else you will be punished.
• In case of tie, the blog who got the most votes from 'Fan Votes' takes the place.


New Voting Procedure on Entertainment Blog of the Month:

50% FAN Votes

50% BLOGGERS Votes

50 % are based on FAN Votes!

What are these votes?
These votes are the votes coming from the the fans voting for a blog! (Votes coming from the voting booth installed on this blog)

Is there a number of limit of votes?
Yes, strictly 1 vote per 1 IP/PC

Why these are only 50% of of all the votes?
To avoid abuse, for the bloggers who excessively voting his/her own blog.

Where are the other 50% will be came from?
This votes will be coming from the nominated blogs!

50% are based on BLOGGERS Votes

Where are the other 50% will be came from?
This votes will be coming from the nominated blogs!

Nominated Blogs? Do u mean they will be voting for each other?

How many blogs can the "Blogger" vote?
You can vote from 1 up to 6 six blog.

Can the nominated blog, can vote again and again?

Can the nominated blog, can vote his/her own blog?
Yes! (That's a gift for all those who read RULES), After a nominated blog cast his/her choice a 1 vote is added at her/his 50% blogger's vote.

When is the deadline for Blogger's Vote
On the 27th of every month.

How do you know that the votes, really coming from the
REAL owner of that blog?
Voting will be send thru e-mail or posting a comment on this blog post. I will confirm first the votes thru e-mail before i tally this.

"Remember, for all the bloggers who will cast a "Blogger's Vote" your comment must be accompanied with your own working e-mail or else that vote is invalid.Write your e-mail in the e-mail field in the comment form please."

How can we see the initial results, if voting will be send thru e-mail?
I will update "Blogger Votes" immediately on the sidebar, so if u see no changes in the votes, it only means that there is no "Blogger Votes" cast that day.

Can Bloggers ask for Vote Exchange with other nominated blog?
Of course, this method is legal and allowed here. Its your own campaign, be unique! Contact the other nominated blogger.

What are Vote Exchange, by the way?
Just like 'link exchange' you just vote for that blog if that blogger agrees to do the same!

Why the Blogger's Vote is so important?
Unlike the "Fan Votes" this vote is limited and only coming from 15 nominated blogs.

What if i got no "Blogger's Vote" ?
It's OK, just continue campaigning for the "Fan Votes". And as a added bonus i will give a 1 vote for each and every nominated blog. So its only mean you will a get a minimum of 1 "Blogger's Vote"

Sample Message from me that will you see on the 15th of the month to remind you to cast your Blogger's Vote:

Hi! i came by here just to announce that we're halfway thru the Poll and i invite you to cast your BLOGGERS Vote in the Feb's "Entertainment Blog of the Month"

FYI. Blogger's Vote is the other 50% of final results, you can vote 1 up to 6 Blogs that you think is also deserving for the title
"Entertainment Blog of the Month".

You can cast your votes by sending it thru email: juxxtapozze20atyahoodotcom, you will received a 'confirmation note' that your vote is casted, be sure to send it on or before 27th of the month or else you're votes will be forfeited. I already experience it last month, a blogger send his 'blogger's vote' on the 28th so i don't count it based on the rules. I appreciate the effort but there's a rules we must follow.

After you vote, a 1 Blogger's Vote is added to your BLOG. That's a reward for taking the time in casting your vote. Thanks =)


You're Blog Name:
Your Votes:
1. First (optional: reason why?)
up to 6 blogs.

The Super Duper Entertainment Blog
My Votes:
1. The Cutielicious Blog - because i love this blog
2. The Super Blog - because this blog hates Britney.Sample Computation:

Fan Votes + Blogger Votes = Results / 2 = Final Results

Scenario #1:
Blog A got 23% of "Fan Votes" and Got a 12% of "Blogger Votes"
Final Score is: 17.5

Scenario #2:
Blog B got 49% of "Fan Votes" and Got a 7% of "Blogger Votes"
Final Score is: 28.0

Scenario #3:
Blog C got 9% of "Fan Votes" and Got a 48% of "Blogger Votes"
Final Score is: 28.5

don't forget the e-mail in the comment form! see the computations last month in this link.


Finalist/Nominees Badges
These are the badges that you can put on your blog, if your nominated or a monthly Finalist for Entertainment Blog of the Month. You can hotlink it here or save a copy on your hard drive and upload it on your own. just a note: this is for the exclusive use of nominated blogs only, this is not a pass-on award that you can put on your blog.

Entertainment Blog of the Month

made by eli of blographics

made by eli of blographics

Winner's Badges
These are the badges that you can put on your blog, if your a Winner or a Second Placer/Third Placer for Entertainment Blog of the Month. You can hotlink it here or save a copy on your hard drive and upload it on your own. just a note: this is for the exclusive use of nominated blogs only, this is not a pass-on award that you can put on your blog.

Note: if you will be using any of the badges above, a link will be appreciated, i recommend putting a link on this url: http://julia-aquino.blogspot.com/2007/08/entertainment-blog-of-month.html

Want a linkback? Just create a badges just like above and send it to me at juxxtapozze20 atyahoodotcom, any size that you feel appropriate will do, and you will get a linkback forever.


Paris Hilton Philippines

October 2007
1st: Paris Hilton Philippines
2nd: Christina Aguilera Reigns
3rd: Mp3 Overload


November 2007
1st: E-Channel
2nd:Christina Aguilera Reigns
3rd: *the MUSIC BOX


December 2007
1st: Chicksilog
2nd:Blog Ni Inday
3rd: Toingks


Lara Croft 3

January 2008
1st: Lara Croft 3
2nd: Blogged!
3rd: Ed Arevalo


February 2008
1st: Kakulay
2nd:Confessions of a TV Junkie
3rd: Kapamilya Overload

Chuva Chienes - Super Talakathon, Chismisan Maghapon

March 2008
1st: Chuva Chienes
2nd: Kapamilya Overload
3rd: Starmometer


Kapamilya Overload Ang Blog ng mga Kapamilya! ForPast Episodes, Chikahan and Kiligan!

April 2008
1st: Kapamilya Overload
3rd:Never Mind This

May 2008
1st: Starmometer
2nd. Showbiz Nest
3rd. Lobo, The Series

June 2008
1st: Kapuso-Magic
2nd. Lobo, The Series
3rd. Showbiz Nest


July 2008
1st: Pinoy Entertainment Portal
2nd: Pinoy TV Junkie
3rd: Lobo, The Series

August 2008
1st: PHStars
2nd: Vote For The Worst Pinoy
3rd: Pinoy TV Junkie

September 2008


  • Pollhost.com - The Previous Voting Host
  • Blogger.com - The Best Blog Host Ever
  • Photobucket.com - Photo Host for Some Badges
  • Sparklit.com - The New Poll Host Without That Much Annoying Ads Unlike Pollhost
  • JustSayHi.com/BB - The Cutie Countdown Generator
  • Eli of Blographics for the badges

How to Win Entertainment Blog of the Month?

· Ins't it exciting?
· Rules can be modified from time to time, so keep posted.
(if rules are modified, these will take effect the next month!, ok?)
Nominate Now, by commenting on this post!

25 Comments on "Entertainment Blog of the Month"

klitorika on February 16, 2008 said...

ayos to ah! pwede kaya ako dito? hmmm....

Ivy on February 16, 2008 said...

How can I be nominated for next month's award?

Phil said...

i nominate http://getitfromboy.blogspot.com a.k.a. showbiz intriga? get it from boy!

very engaging blog about Philippine showbiz.

Matt on February 16, 2008 said...

I nominate http://www.duelingtampons.com
the site for emerging talent for UPenn undergrads and alumni in films, music and TV

manu gaspar on February 16, 2008 said...

i nominate buzz express (http://www.buzzexpress.blogspot.com)
very informative yung site. yun lang po. :D

ethanne on February 16, 2008 said...

I nominate Starmometer.com - the total entertainment blog!

Haloscan Original Comments on February 16, 2008 said...

i manually transferred all your comments from Haloscan to here, here are the original comments


Anonymous said...


March Poll Has Started on March 03, 2008 said...

March Poll Has Started, be sure to vote for the deserving one.

Franko on March 12, 2008 said...

I highly nominate this blog Entertainment Buzz for Entertainment blog for march.

♥♥♥ on March 12, 2008 said...

u mean April?

Chris said...

i nominate www.phstars.com

Adrian Popescu on March 15, 2008 said...

i nominate www.adipopescu.com .A very complex blog , organized and daily updated. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Can I nominate this blog for April? Entertainment Buzz

Anonymous said...

I nominate Showbiznest. http://showbiznest.blogspot.com - Ang pugad ng showbiz chika

Steve on May 03, 2008 said...

Wow. Interesting site u got here. Puno ng intriga. Haha. Nice! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hello can I nominate Ferdielicious.com for march's entertainment blog awards?

Free Cellphone Wallpapers on May 05, 2008 said...

Please nominate Ferdielicious for May's entertainment blog awards..

Anonymous said...

My nahanap akung bagong Entertainment Blogger na site. Sana isali nyo naman ang website na ito. Dito kasi ako palagi nakatambay eh.


im not the owner of the site, member lang ako dun. Isali po nyo ang website na yan kasi madami kami pinasaya na site na yan!


The Techno Dome on July 06, 2008 said...

Nominating Vote for the Worst Pinoy!


That's it.

Anonymous said...

I nominate pinoy teens online for august

Ferdielicious on July 30, 2008 said...

I nominate Ferdielicious.com for Entertainment blog of the month for August. :)

julia~ on August 01, 2008 said...

diba kaw rin po yung owner ng gobuzzyourself.blogspot.com? di mo naman pinopromote yung contest eh.

okei lng po na 1 owner, 2 or more blogs pero kailangan ipromote kahit papa'no :)

puno na po ang slot for august 2008.

Ferdielicious on August 15, 2008 said...

What do you mean epromote? You mean maglalagay ako ng banners sa blog ko?

~j3yZs0n!c~ on September 17, 2008 said...

tapos na po bah ito?

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