Who's That B*tch named Julia Aquino?

I think i have to rewrite my whole 'about me' page, because people are starting to be interested to know who owns this MF blog. ;P

About Julia Aquino
I'm Julia Aquino, 18 years old (Libra, born December 2, 1989) currently living at Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. I'm a sophomore student at a poor public university here in Manila taking up... (yikes! nevermind) Actually i hate school! LOL! No i don't really. I started this blog 6 days after my 18th birthday, why? nothing! i just love seeing my name on the net, so that i can bragged something to my friends like "look, im on the internet" "im famous" things like that.

On the first two months of my blogging i do nothing but bloghop, lurk, exchange links, and just commenting on other blog, i post only when i have a new s ponsored post LOL! yup, that's true on my first month i already doing p aid post and i did get a lot of dollar out of it, but the disadvantage of this is, of course G slapped me on my first quarter in blogger world, of course i don't feel it because back then i don't have PR yet, but now it's different i'm PR2 ;)

I only became focused on blogging when i reached my 100th day in blogosphere, and this is not my only blog i got 8 more small blogs and 2 domained blog. Even if i'm 2nd year in college now, my english is not that great, i admit that! I blame myself for being this way, of course i can't blame my beloved school, because it's me who is studying.

But being a dumb in English is not a hindrance for having a (so called) "successful blog" I already reached this status in only 163 days, which is not normal for blogs

> Page Rank 2
> Alexa Rank 107,306
> Technorati Rank 10,543
> Technorati Authority 436
> Feeds Subscription 196
> Average Daily Hits 5,014
> Blog Juice 4.2

Frequent commenters and bloggers are asking how i did this? how i did that? I don't know really! I only adviced them to update their blog daily, (i think i'm only lucky! Search engines really do love me! Nyyaahh!) Also know some SEO techniques and play by the G0ogle's rule. Links are important too but too much of it can hurt you, I don't do any "Nice Blog! Ex-Link?" strategy now i only add links, to those who added me.

More About Me

I love reality shows and i'm a TV junkie i can stay until the wee hours just to watch TV shows or movies, in local shows i like PBB and Hana Kimi, in fact i downloaded every Hana Kimi -related videos i've seen in youtube. I think i'm more of a 'Kapamilya' but i don't bash any network here on my blog.I'm starting to like Fahrenheit now (the two male lead in Hana Kimi are member of this boyband) I love Jiro Wang, Vic Zhou, Kian Kazemi, Chris Brown and Shia LaBeouf. In girls, i like Nina, Kylie Minogue, Mickey Ferriols, Chin-Chin Guttierez, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton and Heart Evangelista! Weird choices huh?! but of all those i'm the biggest Christina Aguilera fan! i'm so happy when i see Christina, for me she's the prettiest.

Expression: Owws?!
Food: i like Adobo, the only dish i can cook! i love Palabok too!
Color: blue! and pink (isn't obvious?)
Animal: i have a 17 small fishes and a couple of teddy bear hamster named 'bhebhe' & 'ngenget' we have a puppy too but i don't like her!
Pastime: sleeping or streaming at Youtube or watching the same MYX videos everyday.
Drink: i love rootbeer! SARSI
Fruit: none! mango, maybe?
Vegetable: Makulay ang buhay!
Band: Pedicab! ( a local band here)
Male Singer: is Jesse Mccartney (Jmac) a singer?
Female Singer: Christina Aguilera
Celebs i Hate: Yasmien Kurdi, Bea Alonzo, Sunshine Dizon, Geneva Cruz
T-shirt: UK UK
Song: now? it's Touch My Body by Mariah Carey (i don't mean anything)
Actor: Shia LaBouf in Transformer, Chris O'Donell in Mad Love
Actress: Drew Barrymore in Mad Love
Movie: Mad Love
Cartoon Character: Sasuke in Naruto, Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi
Subject: Recess
Friend: full list here
Sport: Thumb wrestling
TV show: PBB, Survivor, Hana Kimi, Simple Life, Laguna Beach

What are you listening to right now? Leavin' by Jesse McCartney
What was the last thing you ate? my lunch
Do you wish on stars? sometimes!
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Black, so i can be easily seen
How is the weather right now? Hot! Hot! so hot!
Last person you spoke to on the phone? my ugly cousin ;)
Favorite drink? none
Hair color? Black
Do you wear contacts? Waah! napunit na ung isa! pa'no ko susuotin yun?
Favorite month? December
What was the last movie you saw? can you believe Apat Dapat? we just rent a copy of it.
Favorite day of the year? October 20
What do you do to vent anger? singing via myx
What was your favorite toy as a child? can't remember
Favorite season: i hate summer, if there's winter here i would definitely choose that
Hugs or kisses? Kisses
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
What is under your bed? my boyfriend. LOL.
Who is the friend you have had the longest? I call her 'Kiks' ;)
What did you do last night? Sleep?
What are you afraid of? the big G closing my blogs, but that's not impossible
Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? I hate popcorns!
Favorite car? toycar
Favorite flower? White Flower ;)
Favorite day of the week? everyday
What did you do on your last birthday? parteeyyy!
What is your favorite candy? Maxx Red

What are they saying about Me and my Blog

"This blog layout sucks big time, look at mine!"
-bitter-bitter via shoutbox


Achievements So Far:

Julia is so Self-Conceited!
Monthly Hits:

Oct 2007 - 176
Nov 2007 - 2,465
Dec 2007 - 8,176
Jan 2008 - 51,149
Feb 2008 - 77, 368
Mar 2008-138,304
April 2008- i wish i could reach 100,000

julia-aquino.blogspot.com Monthly Round-Up! March 2008 Hits: 138,304

#1 on Category, Top100Bloggers.com

#1 Over-all Halo-Halo.ph Pinoy Topsites List

julia-aquino.blogspot.com Monthly Round-Up! March 2008 Hits: 138,304

#1 Over-all on Blogsires Top Blog List

#1 Over-all on LinkyLove.net Add URL

julia-aquino.blogspot.com Monthly Round-Up! March 2008 Hits: 138,304

#1 Over-all on Blogista Top Sites

#1 Over-all in (the controversial, puro chismis) Top Blogs Philippines

#1 in Personal Category, Top Blogs Philippines

#1 in Entertainment & Lifestyle Category, Top Blogs Philippines

#1 Over-all on Blogs on Top

#1 Over-all, Pinoy-Blogs.com

julia-aquino.blogspot.com Monthly Round-Up! March 2008 Hits: 138,304

#1 Over-all on Rank Appeal

julia-aquino.blogspot.com Monthly Round-Up! March 2008 Hits: 138,304

#1 Over-all on Rank It

#1 Over-all in Blog Junkie (Kianah.com)

#1 Over-all, Lead Sites

#1 Over-all, TopSites.sg

After the bragging....

to my one and only hater,

yan lang ba ang kaya mong gawin, spam my chatbox at manggulo sa comment area, napaka-insecure mo nmn walang gamot dyan, kahit murahin mo pa ko ng 1 million times, i will continue to blog and i will continue to beat you! hindi porket magaling kang mag-english eh you're smart na. hindi porket nauna ka sa pagba-blog, authority ka na. hindi porket napunta ka dyan, eh successful ka na at may karapatang maliitin ang iba. hindi mo nga ko kilala personally eh, kung ano-anong kino-comment mo, itraced your IP na kaya alam ko na ikaw yun, at tanging ikaw lang, hindi ako robot naiinis din ako, nagagalit. Hindi mo kase matanggap na ilang years ka ng nagba-blog eh nahigitan pa rin kita, kaya kung ano anong ginagawa mo napakainsecure mo, imagine ginawan mo pa 'ko ng post? para saan, kulang ka sa pansin kasi! nabawasan ka kase sa pagerank mo, nung napansin mo na nabawasan ka ng PR ayun, naglagay naman siya ng award niya kuno para sabihing authority pa rin siya. tapos wala ng pumapansin sayo pansin ko rin sumasagot ka na rin sa chatbox para kunwari friendly, desperate move. Tapos naglagay ka na rin ng mga awards page mo, 'nubayan, pero sinabihan mo ko na kulang na lang sakin eh binubuning awards, inggit na inggit kase, kahit mga pass-on awards lang yun important yun sa'kin meaning naalala ko ng mga tao na bigyan nun, ikaw?

Nagulat nga ko may seo post ka na rin, wow! nakikiscandal na rin, pero kung ano anong kinocomment mo nung nagpost ako dun sa pinay $candal na yan, kesyo i'm gaming the system daw, cheater, andaming mong alam sa totoo lang. Kunwari nakatapos ka nga pero ung totoong ugali mo lumalabas squatter, ginagawan mo pa ko ng issues na baseless naman, pinag-aaway mo pa kami ni *toot* sorry na lang walang kumagat, sasabihan mo pa ako yung naiinggit? INGGIT? hindi ba ikaw yun? bakit palagi kang nandito sa blog ko? iniisa isa mo ung post mo ko at hahanapan mo ng mali, hahanapan mo ng butas, tapos magcocoment ka ng pa anonymous tapos susundan mo pa ng isang comment gamit ang ibang alias sasang-ayunan ung unang comment mo! abnormal ka talaga, dahil ikaw ang nanggugulo sa blogosphere hindi ako, naghahanap ka pa ng kakampi pero wala naman kumakampi, alam ko mababasa mo to, dahil madalas kang padaan-daan dito nagtatago sa likod ng mga proxy para ibahin ang IP tapos mumurahin ako, lalagyan ng maraming f*ck u ( well f*ck u ka rin) sa chatbox ko para saan ipahiya ako? ngeee nice try. ganun ka na ba talaga kababa. Lahat ng mga picture sa taas para sayo yan, ano na naman kayang gagawin mo kapag nakita mo yan. Alam ko na ibablog mo na naman ako, cheater ako
we'll i'm expecting it

finally i can write this, and fight back dahil nalaman ko na hindi lang pala ako ang may kaaway d2 sa blogging world, marami pala kami lalo na run sa banda run. sayang nga lng kse di pa naman ganun karami ung mga pinoy blogger nag-aaway-away pa. Tanggapin na lang natin na walang permanente sa mundo, puedeng bukas wala na 'tong blog na 'to burahin ng googel puedeng bukas walang bumisita sakin lahat puedeng mangyari, hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon nasa taas ka bababa at bababa ka rin. Oo hindi ako magaling mag-english, mali-mali ung grammar ko, mali ung mga spelling, hindi ko alam yung plural sa singular, bobo ako tanga pa. eh pa'no kapag natuto na ko.

tama na 'to this is my last reply, baka tumanda pa ko katulad mo.

53 Comments on "Who's That B*tch named Julia Aquino?"

Joel on February 19, 2008 said...

Great knowing the author and also visitng my blog

BURAOT on February 19, 2008 said...

aha! taga-hollywood pala kaw. kaya ba showbiz tong blog mo?

BURAOT on February 19, 2008 said...

d2 lang me sa San fernando Valley, lapit mo.

BURAOT on February 19, 2008 said...

wehehhe. langya ka. batang kankaloo ka pala. kala ko kakuladidang mo dito si spiderman. lols!

BURAOT on February 19, 2008 said...

sabi mo kse nasa hollywood kaw. kala ko naman, nag-migrate ka na dito sa CA (california) from CA (caloocan).

ginugudtaym mo pla ako. kala mo ha, babawian kita. hekhekhek!

julia on February 19, 2008 said...

ka ng di mo binabasa?
hala ka

BURAOT on February 19, 2008 said...

ganun na nga. banat ako ng banat ala pala akong muwang. lols!

Genetik ve Bilim on February 19, 2008 said...

hi good day

Junelle on February 19, 2008 said...

Great Blog

My Paid 2 Blog on February 19, 2008 said...

haha... julia...

IN QUEST OF ADVOCACIES on February 23, 2008 said...

A h h . . . taga Kalokohan . . . este Kalookan ka din pala. Pareho tayong maloko . . . este kalog . . . este loko2 . . . he! Kalokohan . . .LOL! Hi there! Hope to see in personalidad . . . ay! personality . . . NGEK! Personalised na lang nga!

julia on February 24, 2008 said...


DCRJ on February 28, 2008 said...

very informative site, thanks Julia...ikaw ba lahat naglalagay ng mga articles ? wow galeng mo girl. dito na rin ako nakuha ng mga articles, dina kailangang mag search pa sa net, hee! keep up the good work.

royluga on February 28, 2008 said...


thank you very much. You're such a wonderful lady. I don't know how to repay you, but until now I don't know how to remove it. I have to study pa. Could you help me? Di ko alam what code to place where and how. although I already went to the page you told me. Please . . . I owe you.


♥♥♥ on March 02, 2008 said...

no, not all article are mine.

♥♥♥ on March 02, 2008 said...

thanks for dropping by again,
i posted a comment on your page!

Sheena Pimentel on March 13, 2008 said...

Hey, just wanna ask :) if it's not too much. How'd you place this "scroll bar" in yer comments? ^_^

♥♥♥ on March 13, 2008 said...

hi! ;)
i got this from jacky supit of jackbook.com, go to his site and find the 'comment form wordpress style tutorial' on his sidebar! it's so easy just follow the procedure, but be sure to back up your templates so u will not lose anything sweetie.

thnx 4 dropping by ;)

pinoysmallbrother on March 25, 2008 said...

hi julia! galing nmn ng blog mo. paturo nmn ako sa make money online... pls.. -doodz

pinoysmallbrother on March 25, 2008 said...

hi panu mo nailagay tong comment scroll n to?

Jehzeel Laurente on April 11, 2008 said...

hahaha! astig number 1 overall na :D hihihihi...

Jehzeel Laurente on April 11, 2008 said...

julia, inadd kita sa YM.. accept mo ha :P

Taylor on April 11, 2008 said...

Hey, it's Taylor. How in the world did you get so many visitors in under 3 months. I am greatly curious. You do have a great blog. Lol that probably helps, but seriously, what's your secret?


Anonymous said...

hi i leave a comment on your blog, sorry ha, mejo late na

@:Jehzeel Laurente:
nye, di totoo yan nagchicheat lng ako.lol iadd mo ung juxxtapozze20 huwag yan. kaya lng i'm not into ym kase eh, super daming maniac sa YM.

nice meeting u pal, thanks for emailing me! i answer it already.

Anonymous said...

i just notice it right now... thanks 4 mentioning me in your latest video on youtube, i really appreciate it :) i think u mention me @ 1:53 lol

Webhosting Advice on April 17, 2008 said...

Congratulations, Julia. You've touched a rare achievement.

ralph on April 20, 2008 said...

julia how much na kaya earnings mo sa
adsense. inggit na talaga ako sayo
puro na number 1. ang bilis dumarami viewers mo ah. idol

Anonymous said...

@webhosting advice:

nye, idol ka dyan, ngayon lng yan 'no baka next month hindi na hehe! ung mga naging #1 ako paiba-iba nmn yan eh tignan mo ngaun #2 na lang ako, display ko lng yan.


Jehzeel Laurente on May 09, 2008 said...

hehehe pabayaan mo na yung hater mo.. dagdag visitor din yun ;) hehe

boobvid said...

add mo naman site ko www.boobvid.net

Anime Stand on May 15, 2008 said...

HI, julia... wow, ganda ng blog mo, your my idol... nainspire tuloy ako na gumawa ng entertainment blog...

Wag ka mag alala julia kita may kasama ka ng di marunong mag Ingles sa blog.. "Ako"... hehehee... Sana magtuloy-tuloy ang success mo sa blogging... At congrats nga pala sa ika 200th days mo...

Sedna on June 03, 2008 said...

Jan Alvin - Oi! Julia! Taga Caloocan Din ako!! ehehe Puro 1 n lng nakikita ko ah!!

asiacentury on June 04, 2008 said...

Hi Julia, Can't find your email. Please join our Filipino Affiliate program at www.asiacenturyph.com

frnz on June 07, 2008 said...

nice layout.. i haven't seen anything like it.. keep it up..

guia on June 12, 2008 said...

hi there! my first time here. nakakatuwa kang bata. :)
keep up the good work and i enjoyed reading your post above. :)

Anonymous said...


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If you are interested, kindly mail back (elmer@pacificadvance.com) and I'll send you pricing details, guidelines and processes. Looking forward to doing business with you.



dimaks on June 18, 2008 said...

nakakatuwa at naka-aliw yung letter mo :) nakakalula dito sa blog mo, puro rank #1 o kaya #2 and around that. napadaan lang.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia!

You're a blogstar now!, baby...

Death Mark on July 09, 2008 said...

Hi Julia.. napadaan lng sa blog mu thru social spark... kahit na first time ko lng nakita blog mu, I must say you did it really good... Hands down to you and keep it up. :)

Leyn ♥ on August 06, 2008 said...

showbiz savvy. aylavette.

blog haters are everywhere. the word to describe is "insecurity". more power kid.

avin on August 08, 2008 said...

Hi Julia. First time ko lang nabasa blog mo. Imagine...18 year-old student nakakapagblog ng ganito? Ibang klase ka. matapang, madiskarte. Malayo pa mararating mo. Goodluck!

avin on August 08, 2008 said...

Dahil hanga ako sa yo... pwede bang humingi ng picture mo? Pakisend na lang sa email ko: rleysan@gmail.com (Kung pwede lang naman).

b. rahi koh said...

a lot of people said that a blog hosted free at blogspot/wordpress is really difficult to become successful.

well, i guess yours is an exception.

by the way...with all the money that you've got, why stuck yourself at this free domain?

TEdd said...

Nice site. Cleverly designed and up to a good extent, organized.

Your contents are well writen too.

For someone your are, you're a very good writer.

Anonymous said...

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Email me the answer at fudgiewedgie@hotmail.com
Thanks alot (:

Anonymous said...

Hello ?
Anyone here ?
Can anyone identify this girl ?



william2233 on November 27, 2008 said...

Wow!!! So many hits, I wish I could get 2% of your hits-LOL.

I'm a child author from Concord, Ca.

Offering free stories for the ages of 3 on up.


Have a great day, William Sawyers

madine on February 01, 2009 said...

very nice


Anonymous said...

heeey musta?....

your blog looks interesting....

wuddup?... ^^

onevoice2003 on August 01, 2009 said...


presidentmarcos on August 24, 2009 said...

Great job! mORE POWER!

Nick Matyas on January 07, 2010 said...

Looks so good in the website. It's really helpful. Thanks for your posting.


neil on April 05, 2010 said...

Good work and keep on climbing..

I'm still browsing through all of your posts...looking for a pic..Hehehe

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