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Looking for PeterAnswer.com ? But what is peter answer first? Peter Answers - is a virtual tarot/psychic website.(yah, it can save you penny) But actually that is a tricky website, you can use peter answer to trick your friends.Here's a trick:

you have to type in
a . (that's a dot, freak) first.
It pops up as a 'P'.
then type whatever you want peter to answer and it will show that you are
'typing' Peter, please answer: but really you are typing in what you want it to say.... tricky, eh?? you are welcome....trick all your friends!

But who is Peter Answer?

Peter Answer is mainly an exaggerated stereotype of a boastful and careless boy. He is quick to point out how great he is, even when such claims are questionable (such as when he congratulates himself for Wendy's successful reattachment of his shadow).

Peter Answer has a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude, and is fearlessly cocky when it comes to putting himself in danger. Barrie writes that when Peter Answer thought he was going to die on Marooner's Rock, he felt scared, yet he felt only one shudder run through him when any other person would've felt scared up until death. With his blissful unawareness of the tragedy of death, he says, "To die will be an awfully big adventure".

In some variations of the story and some spin-offs, Peter Answer can also be quite nasty and selfish. In the Disney adaptation of the tale, Peter appears very judgmental and pompous (for example, he called the Lost Boys "blockheads" and when the Darling children say that they should leave for home at once, he gets the wrong message and angrily assumes that they want to grow up).

In the 2003 live-action film, Peter Answer is sensitive about the subject of "growing up". When confronted by Hook about Wendy growing up, marrying and eventually "shutting the window" on Peter Answer, he becomes very depressed and finally refuses to fight.

No, that's really Peter Pan, i talking about. HahaHa!

This is the 3rd series of my SEO experiment. Yes, a search engine experiment. What is this for? Of course Added TRAFFIC! are you NUTS? LOL. I get some of the keywords (to be optimized) from Macuha.com, Jehzlau-Concepts.com and some from BlueMumble.com. Of course i will try my best to keep it related to my niche, and of course no 'illegal keywords' like Nu'de and Pinay$candal. Okies?
My main goal is to beat my last month pageviews: 51,149 I'm positive i can do it. If i don't its OK.

The Previous Post is:

1.Pinay $candal
This is the first SEO experiment i post, and i got an overwhelming results from this, but as far as ads performance is concern, there's no INCOME in this post, because in Adsense they have a "stop words" mechanism that if their system detected some 'illegal' words they will not show any ads at all, just hope that visitor will click on another page. Haha. But atleast you got TRAFFIC.
This blog post doesn't have any $candals, video or nu'de pics at all. Actually this SEO experiment is started by Marhgil Macuha, the Philippine SEO Prince (naks!). You know what,60+ bloggers already jumped in to the Pinay $candal Frenzy, and they already experiencing some spikes in their blog traffic now.
On the other hand not everybody is happy with the 'Pinay $candal' Keyword success, especially those bloggers/webmaster that was really offering $candals, video & nu'de pics in their bumf*cked blogs. (Haha! Sorry pals, optimize more!) and also another blogger burst out her emotion on the issue, she says some of those 60+ bloggers just want traffic instead of really focusing on the real objective of the experiment -- to change the Filipina image especially in the cyber world. Filipinas have this deregatory image as sex slave, web cam girls , mail order brides, ETC & that is the main objective of this experiment! (Sapul ka ba? Well not me, my pinay $candal post have objective read it. LOLz)
Actually my blog post is not on the 1st or 2nd or 3rd even 4th and 5th page on Google for the keyword "Pinay $candal", i just know that my blog post in the top 100 search results.
2. Miley Cyrus Nu'de
This post contains no Miley Cyrus Nu'de at all,(there's no nu'de here) i didn't get this keyword from anyone this post is about the top keywords on my blog and that is Miley Cyrus Nu'de and Zac Efron Shirtless (there's shirtless but no nu'de), As i said before it seems that my blog is the landing page for those perverts looking for hhmm u already know it, but Atleast i got Traffic ( do i sound evil? Mwahahaha)


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5 Comments on "Peter Answers - Peter Answers Your Question"

peter answers on February 20, 2008 said...

go peter answers

Jehzeel Laurente on May 18, 2008 said...

hehehe.. this is one of my top keywords.. basta tama ang ad placement, kikita ka ng 20+ daily dito pa lang sa post na to ;)

John's Secret to Peter Answers on June 01, 2008 said...

How did it work for driving traffic?

Anonymous said...

whos serina getting married to

Anonymous said...

what is my phone number

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