PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemate: Valerie Weignmann - Dazzling Doll of Germany

Valerie Weignmann of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus

Valerie Weignmann - the Dazzling Doll of Germany

" Daddy's girl kaya apektado masyado sa pagkamatay nito. "

yotube video by:ricsjon

Nickname: Valerie
Full Name: Valerie Weignmann
Origin:Wiesbaden, Germany
Age: 18
Birthdate:Novemeber 22, 1989
Nationality: Fil-German
School:Sophie-hans, Germany
Height: 5'9
Interests: Dancing hiphop
Favorite cartoon character:Hello Kitty and Tweety Bird
Favorite subject in school:English and German
Least liked subject in school: Math
Favorite sport: Badminton
Favorite summer/vacation destination:The Philippines
Ultimate celebrity crush:Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby

The Dazzling Doll

Born to a German chief cook father and a Filipina kitchen assistant mother, Valerie describes herself as the European Girl with a Filipina heart. Valerie confesses that she gets hurt whenever she hears people speak awful things about Filipinos and half-Pinoys like her and because of this, she is more comfortable hanging out with half-Pinays like her in Weisbaden. Although loves spending time with her friends, she also confesses that she enjoys the solace of her room where she would often watch Maging Sino Ka Man and Lobo on The Filipino Channel.

Valerie's lowest time in her life came when her beloved father passed away. She found it hard to move on and eventually went into a depression and neglected her studies.With Pinoy Big Brother giving her a new chance at life, this Barbie Doll hopes to find a new home in the Philippines and jumpstart her career as a successful actress who can speak very good Tagalog.

PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemate: Valerie Weignmann - Dazzling Doll of Germany
- half Filipina/half German
- 18 years old
- her father died 4 years ago
- she like to be a host of Wowowee
- if she's gonna be an actress, Sam Milby is her choice for a leading man
- someone corrected me that it's Valerie Weigmann not Valerie Weignmann but according to PBB Teen Edition Plus' official website it's Valerie Weignmann so i think that's official keep those comments coming
* one of my early faves! she resembles Anne Curtis!

13 Comments on "PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemate: Valerie Weignmann - Dazzling Doll of Germany"

Anonymous said...

yeah I like valerie from PBB teen edition plus. she seems nice, well thats the vibe i get from her. I also like Ejay, Alex and Linda-represent Bicol, woot!

Anonymous said...

i'm proud of her, she's fluent in tagalog

Chabey on March 24, 2008 said...

wow i was really surprised when i saw her name in TFC
i said..
''..damn!! i know her!!
thanks God napili sya!!
she deserve it!!''
i know Valerie and Kevin from the audition in Madrid
Kevin has a real Charm.. and have that 'something' dat make girls thrill.. lalo na nung sumayaw sya showing his body in da audition wowwww!! kaso nga lng.. di nga tlaga cya marunong mag tagalog.. but he tried to in the audition ha! so i support him :)
and Valerie es veeeeery Sweet!! as in.. sobraa!!
when i saw her in the audition she was always smiling and she speaks tagalog very well :)
she was taking picture with us and with her German friends
i also support her coz i know she really deserve it!!
Godbless for you two^^

ChiQui on March 25, 2008 said...

hi i'm valerie's sister, chiQui.i would like to make a correction regarding her family name. it should read WEIGMANN and NOT Weignmann. she wants to be part of showbiz, an actress, model... and not just a host in wowowee. thank you.
i also support her coz i know she really deserve it!!!
LoVe You SiS! GooD LucK in KUYA'S House!

your Ate ChiQui


vinith on April 01, 2008 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

she's pretty!

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Anonymous said...

It´s Valerie Weigmann without the n. A name called Weignmann is not existing.

Anonymous said...

Valerie Weignmann O Valerie Weigmann, cute siya, and walang arte lalo na ngayong weekly task nila na parang soldier siya!

go valerie!

and hindi ako sang-ayon na si ejay ang partner niya! eewww! parang bato si ejay walang pakiramdam buti nga basted na siya.

parang mapagkunwari si ejay, parang drama lang yung kunwari walang alam torpe, probinsiyano para manalo siya. ako di niya ko maloloko.

search niyo siya tapos makikita niyo yung mga pictures niya na may mga kasamang bakla, tapos sabi niya di pa raw siya nagkakagirlfriend, oo siguro kase puro bakla ang syota niya.

Claus said...

The city where she is coming from is called "Wiesbaden" and not "Weisbaden"!


Here is an article about her on Spiegel Online:

Greetz from germany

Anonymous said...

valerie is a bitch from hell

PINOY BIG BEKI on June 06, 2008 said...

i like her. bet ko siya pumasok sa aking balay at maging hausmate ni atashi.

bagay na bagay siya sa PINOY BIG BEKI, ang kemerlu ng trulagen na buhay.


Anonymous said...

hey harry :-)
maria und ich haben oft versucht dich anzurufen auch deine mutter aber niemanden erreicht!
würde mich freuen wenn du dich mal bei einem von uns melden würdest!
feier schön morgen ich werde an dich denken!!
dicker kuss
dein toto ;-)

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