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Recently i noticed this familiar face plastered on a Project Wonderful ad on macuha.com, and when you click on the ad you will be taken to Mark Ferdinand Tayag's blog, I've been in his blog, back when i'm still a lurker and not yet a blogger and he was quite already known in the Pinoy blogosphere evident in his long list of blogroll and his high authority in Technorati.

Like me, Makoy [his moniker in the cyberspace] likes to post about entertainment news, movie reviews and occasional politics. His weekly archive will not be complete if you can't see any Billboard Top 100 updates and Peso-Dollar exchange rates .He also got a talent in writing poems, Monetizing her blog includes, of course Adsense and my new BFF Project Wonderful! i've seen a Widgetbucks ad in his blog before, now it's gone.

I found out that he has reached his 1,000th post? whew! that's a feat. One thing that is unique in his blog is the recent comment widget by storago.com, that's the only blog i've seen using that widget, i think i will also using that because it's different in other 'recent comments widget' i've seen. Makoy seems to be happy (still) with Blogrush inspite of the negative assessment about the program.

Similar to kuya Marhgil and Jehz this guys seems interested in SEO, which can be seen in her post titled Vedios, Qoutes etc. Actually me myself are starting to be an SEO addict too, but i skipped all those 'misspelled' keywords because i've read that Google or Googel (?) are flagging those sites that are optimizing for those misspelled keywords, i'm not playing as an SEO expert here but that's according to what i read.

Good Points about his Blog:

1. Updated regularly.
2. Clean lay-out, quick load time
3. Interacts with her readers well which is good, despite of the absence of a chatbox.
4. Has a personalized header image and favicon which is a great way to be 'identified' online.

If he can take suggestions from a poor 5 month old blog,
This is what i can advice:

1. Remove the navbar, it has no uses i think.
2. The "fresh article" logo in some of his posts is not readable, better change it or remove it.
3. Choose/Create a more personalized blogger template (currently he's using the premade TicTac template) which will help you more to be different to the other 112 million blogs. If you like, use a 3 column template.
4. Blend well the Adsense, for me i will not click on those because it's basically screaming "I'm an ads, don't click me!" especially the one above the fold, use the 336 x 280 instead of the 468 x 60.

Blog Score: 3.8 out 5 Star

:) don't take my suggestions personally, i created this review to be different to some other 'reviewers' who do nothing but praises.

2 Comments on "Life on a Square Screen"

Makoy on April 04, 2008 said...

Thanks for joining my $50 contest and for the tips. good luck with the contest :)

Makoy on May 07, 2008 said...

Hi there! I am pleased to announce that you are included in my top 4 entries for my $50 contest. May I request for your 125x125 picture ad as well as your paypal email address. I will post the winner within the day.


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