Womanizer - Britney Spears Music Video

Womanizer - Britney Spears Music Video

The official video of Britney Spears' Womanizer has been released, her new album CIRCUS will be in stores December 2nd!

Womanizer music vid was filmed on September 24 & September 25, 2008, at a LA club & restaurant.It was directed by Joseph Khan, who had previously directed Britney Spears's videos, Stronger, in 2000 & Toxic in 2004. There are actually 2 versions of the music video, the rated version was featured on ABC, & the Director's Cut (Uncensored). The differences between both versions, is that the unrated shows Britney Spears completely n*de, while the rated version shows steam covering Britney Spears' body.

Watch it after the jump!

See the full lyrics here.

The video begins with Britney lying in a sauna completely nude. It then switches to a not-so-innocent looking Britney Spears wearing a gray satin robe with a black bra peeking out, she's cooking her beau breakfast. He checks his schedule, and sees he has an important business meeting. He dresses and appears in his office. He sees another Britney dressed like a secretary with short black hair and glasses. She and many of the other workers dance around him while she calls him a 'womanizer'. They go into a copy room, and he takes pictures of her on his phone and flirts with her. She sits on the copy machine and copies her buttocks showing nothing but black underwear. She rips it in half and throws his face on the copy machine. He sits down and appears to be in a restaurant, where Britney is a waitress wearing a black vest with red tattoos on her arm, and dark auburn hair. She dances around him once again calling him a 'womanizer' as he tries to flirt with her. She pushes him down onto the kitchen counter top and jumps on top of him and she toys with him. He gets into a car, and the driver is Britney dressed as a limo driver, with very dark sunglasses and her hair pulled back. She jumps in the back with him and continues to drive with her foot on the steering wheel. He tries to stop her, but she won't let him. He gets away and tries to steer the car. It then shows Britney in the sauna again, this time she is watching him shower in another room. The secretary, waitress, and limo driver all appear and form into the Britney in the robe. She throws him onto a bed. He tries to get up, but the other three Britneys hold him down. All four of them throw him around and tell him what kind of man he is. He tries to get away, but he can't. The robed Britney gets up and blows a kiss to him. She throws a blanket on top of him and the video ends.

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