Richard Guttierez, Loveless This Valentines Day

Can a drop-dead gorgeous guy like Richard Gutierrez be “loveless” in the Day of Hearts? Unbelievable but true.

Asked how he’s spending Valentine’s Day, he sighed.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll probably take a tour of the theaters where my movie is showing,” he said, referring to GMA Films and Regal Entertainment’s My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend in which he has as first-time co-star Marian Rivera, the Sensational Star of 2007 (thanks to the phenomenal Marimar which has been ruling the ratings with

a high of 50 percent, leaving its competitors catching for breath miles and miles away).

For the time being but surely not for long, Richard is “carefree,” just like Evo, the rich guy he plays in My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend (directed by Mark Reyes whose last work was the Bong Revilla starrer Resiklo), whose elusive heart is caught by Grace (played by Marian), a poor, working student who moonlights as a waitress at a bar and does other odd jobs to pay the bills. Evo meets Grace at a stag party where she pops out of a cake. As Marimar would say, “Awwww!!!”

Asked further if he can find a date between now and D-Day, which is just four days away, Richard’s face lit up.

“Who knows. Madali lang ‘yon.”

Could KC Concepcion be “it” (after all, rumor-mongers are trying to match them)?

“But she might also be busy.”

Told that KC has broken up with TV director Lino Cayetano (said to have gone back to Bianca Gonzales), Richard sounded incredulous.

“Is it true?”

Well, KC was quoted in the tabs as saying, “I’m single and happy,” adding in jest, “and available.”

Breaking into a little laugh, Richard said, “I’m also single and happy.”

But didn’t he say that he has “someone” when his twin brother Raymond asked him in the spoof “Don’t Lie To Me” (a segment from Raymond’s GMA Sunday talk show Showbiz Central) last week during their 24th birthday (the twins are Aquarians) dinner-show (shown over last weekend as a TV special)?

“Raymond asked me if I was dating,” Richard set the record straight, “and I said, “‘Of course, I’m dating. I’m single’.”

And who is he dating?


Wild guess: Jewel Mische, a KC-lookalike who is one of his leading ladies on Kamandag, the GMA fantasy-adventure series.

“Jewel is one of the nicest girls I know, but...”

During his vacation last year, Richard dropped by Paris and connected with KC who was then there finishing her studies.

“Yes, KC showed me around...to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum (where parts of the movie Da Vinci Code were shot) and the grave of Jim Morrison. We were in a group. We ended the day with a hearty meal at a nice restaurant.”

So, he really doesn’t have any special girl to say “I love you” or send flowers to on Valentine’s Day?

“So far? None.”

Teased that a long-distance call to London won’t cost much, Richard got the message. His rumored non-showbiz girlfriend, Georgina Wilson (niece of Gloria Diaz), is in London having her OJT (on-the-job training) and she’ll go back to Australia to resume her classes.

Isn’t he going to call, maybe even just to greet her a Happy Valentine?

“Well, I might. It’s her birthday on Feb. 12. I just hope that she will answer the phone if I call.” (According to the grapevine, Richard has been calling and/or texting Georgina since they broke up — or was it just a “cooling off?” — but Georgina hasn’t been responding. They bumped into each other at The Embassy last December when Georgina came home for the holidays but they didn’t get to have a heart-to-heart talk.) “I think she needs some more time before she decides to talk to me.”

If not (anymore Georgina) and not (yet) KC, what about Marian Rivera (who hasn’t confirmed reports that she has a non-showbiz boyfriend, a basketball player)?

“In the short time that I know her, I could see that she is a real person, totoong-tao siya. What you see is what you get. She’s fun to be with.”

In My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend, Richard and Marian have no less than three kissing scenes, each “perfected” only after several takes.

Did he deliberately “manipulate” it?

“No,” laughed Richard. “Sinadya ni direk.”

* * *

Funfare is ending this “Valentine-less” piece on Richard by asking him some “romantic” questions, to wit:

Would you rather be the pursuer or the pursued?

“I want to be the predator, not the prey.”

What type of a girl would you pursue?

“The type who is not aggressive.”

How do you deal with “aggressive” girls?

“With my back against the wall, I guess I wouldn’t have any choice but...”

Would you give in?

“It depends on the situation and who the girl is. If she’s my type, well...”

Do good-looking guys like you also get broken-hearted?

“Oo naman. We are just like any other guys.”

How many times have you been broken-hearted?

“A few times.”

Including by the one who’s in London?

“A, eh, ano ‘yon? He he he he he!”

How do you cope with a broken heart? Do you get drunk, do you sulk, do you bang your head on the wall?

“It depends. I travel. Seeing foreign places helps ease the pain a lot.”

What the kinkiest thing that you’ve ever done?

“I’d rather not mention it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Oh, unmentionable?

“Yes, unmentionable. Censored!”

What puts you in a romantic mood?

“Soft music, wine, dim lights, and a nice and sexy conversation. That should lead to something exciting.”

What’s the most memorable date have you ever had so far?

“Those spent abroad.”

Like the one in Paris?

(Reluctantly) “Well, yes...”

What’s the most expensive gift that you’ve given a girl so far?

“Hmmmm. You know, magastos ako sa girls, eh. I splurge on them.”

What do you give them?

“Oh, whatever they ask for. I buy them what they want.”

Given a chance, name three girls you would like to court. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

“KC, definitely! She’s strong-willed and interesting; I am intrigued by women who are strong-willed. KC would be nice. Chelsea Clinton (daughter of former US Pres. Bill Clinton and Presidentiable Hilary Clinton). And, yes, Marian Rivera. She’s also strong-willed and very Pinay.”


2 Comments on "Richard Guttierez, Loveless This Valentines Day"

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at this. RG is reportedly a man-whore. While at the Visionary Awards, I mentioned to a friend that he's receiving an award and to my surprise this friend mentioned that RG is always after girls even when the female is with her boyfriend. This friend's friend's girlfriend was approached by RG also even with hickeys all over his neck.

Maybe that's why he's loveless. But more power to him if KC Concepcion is now the love of his life. Hope he treats her right.

Anonymous said...

OMG! is thar true?

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