Hana Kimi, Newest Asianovela on ABS-CBN

Hana Kimi ABS-CBN
The phenomenal Asianovela that others tried to follow, BREAKING the rules of love and CHANGING the way it should be... wherever and whoever you are...

Hana Kimi (Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu/ Hanazakarino Kimitachihe) will be shown on ABS-CBN starting March 24, 2008. The theme song of the said show is "Crazy Love" by Kim Chui

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe , also known as Hana-Kimi, is a Taiwanese drama produced by and first aired on CTS and GTV. The show was later re-broadcasted on Singapore's Channel U as well as Hong Kong's TVB network and now in the Philippines via ABS-CBN. Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu is the second Taiwanese drama to be based on Hisaya Nakajo's manga, Hana-Kimi. The drama features Wu Chun and Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit, and Ella Chen of S.H.E.

The soundtrack was released on December 1, 2006.

Although the original manga's title means "For You In Full Blossom," the drama's title means "The Tricks of Boys and Girls," referring to student life within the drama. The official English name is actually an incorrect romanization of the original manga's title. When VIZ media translated the manga from Japanese to English, "Kimitachi e" became "Kimitachihe." Evidently, the latter name was used. The show was filmed at National Chi Nan University in Puli, Nantou County. The Chinese title is also the name used in the Chinese translation of the Hana-Kimi manga by Tong Li Publishing.


This drama has a full cast of characters, based on the Japanese manga. Major Characters appear in more than one story arc, and Minor Characters are those who serve a very limited purpose. Most characters in the series have names which are close approximations of the Chinese transliterations of the names found in the original manga.

Major Characters

* Lu Rui Xi (Ella Chen; based on Mizuki Ashiya) – Female protagonist who masquerades as a boy to attend Quan's school.
* Zuo Yi Quan (Wu Chun; based on Izumi Sano) – The male protagonist, who is a school athlete. He is usually quiet but defends those he cares about.
* Jin Xiu Yi (Jiro Wang; based on Shuichi Nakatsu) – Ying Kai's soccer star. He begins to question his sexuality when Rui Xi arrives.
* Mei Tian (Tang Zhi Ping; based on Hokuto Umeda) – He is gay and is the school health official. He serves as Rui Xi's counselor and guardian several times.

Minor Characters

* Liang Si Nan (Tang Yu Zhe; based on Minami Nanba) – Flirtatious leader of the No.2 dormitory. He is Mei Ying Hua's son, and Mei Tian's nephew.
* Jiang Ye Shen (Chen Wen Xiang; based on Noe Shinji) Student. He is frequently seen preening his hair.
* Guan Ri Hui (Xie Zheng Hao; based on Sekime Kyougo) Student. Frequently hangs around Jiang Ye Shen.
* Sima Shu (Xie He Xian; based on Taiki Kayashima) Xiu Yi's roommate, and amateur spirit-chaser. He is never seen without a chopstick in his hair. He usually is seen being scolded by his friends to stop talking about his ghosts as well as waving and speaking to imaginary beings.
* Julia (Nissa Marion) – Rui Xi's best friend. She hails from America and speaks with sporadic English.
* Yu Ci Lan The dog that Quan rescued from being taken away by the local animal control. Because the people who attempted to take him away were men, Yu Chi Lan has a particular dislike for male humans, except Quan.
* Shen Le (Ethan Ruan; based on Makoto Kagurazaka) – Quan's rival. He has a superficial altercation with Quan, but casts it aside to assist him in times of trouble.
* Lu Jing Xi (JJ Lin; based on Shizuki C. Ashiya) – Rui Xi's older brother. A Harvard graduate who specializes in cardiology.
* Mei Ying Hua (Guo Chin Chun; based on Io Nanba) Mei Tian's sister; Liang Si Nan's mother.
* Wang Tian Si (Zhang Hao Ming; based on Megumi Tennouji) Leader of the No.1 dormitory.
* Li Cheng Yang (Yang Hao Wei; based on Senri Nakao) Called Yang Yang (央央) by classmates. He is a cynical and girlish student. He's also EngKai's token "Sweetheart".
* Chi Jun Li (Vivienne Lee) Xiu Yi's confidant and friend. She was Xiu Yi's girlfriend until Xiu Yi admitted that he loved someone else.
* Ri Ben Qiao (Fu Tou; based on Wataru Nihonbashi) School photographer who freely harasses and stalks other students.
* Oscar (Gong Ji An; based on Masao Himejima) Leader of the No.3 dormitory.
* Yuan Qiu Ye (Duncan; based on Akiha Hara) A famous photographer, formerly Mei Tian's classmate at Ying Kai.
* Wu Wan Juan (Gao Yi Lin; based on Kinuko Karasuma) Also known as KK. She wrote most, if not all, of the articles on Zuo Yi Quan throughout his days as a high jump champion. She was Mei Tian's junior during their days at university.
* Abby (Joelle Lu; based on Ebi Kotobuki) Yuan Qiu Ye's assistant and ex-wife.
* Ke Yu Xiang (Chen Xiang Ling; based on Rika) Quan's high school friend. One day, she inadvertently found herself in the middle of a road, prompting Quan to save her. Quan would end up suffering a knee injury from the incident, and would pull out of high jumping for the next two years.
* Jiu Duan (Kao Chi Hung; based on Itsuki Kujou) Taekwondo master, and one of Wang Tian Si's henchmen.
* Bei Hua Ke (Yuan Ming Zhe) One of Wang Tian Si's henchmen. His loyalty to Wang Tian Si leads him to take drastic measures against Rui Xi.
* Men Zhen (Zhang Yong Zheng; based on Shoutaro Kadoma) Freshman who lives in the No.1 dormitory.

Plot Summary

Three years prior, a girl named Lu Rui Xi(Ella Chen) saw high jumper Zuo Yi Quan(Wu Chun)on television and was inspired by him. She decides to transfer to his school, Y.K.(Ying Kai), and become his friend, even though the particular school he attends which is strictly boys-only. So Rui Xi disguises herself as a boy. After a shaky start, including a rude collision with Quan outside of the classroom, Rui Xi is able to settle in at the school. By a stroke of luck, she has been assigned to be Quan's room mate.

Soon, she is accepted as a normal student, but after sustaining an injury to the head, her gender is discovered by Mei Tian - the gay school health official - and Quan (whom she does not realize knows her secret). Mei Tian becomes her confidant, but Quan keeps Rui Xi's secret to himself in order to protect her identity and keep her by his side. Jin Xiu Yi(Jiro Wang) begins to question his own sexuality when he finds himself attracted to this new student, whom he believes to be male.

They all become great friends and overcome many obstacles along the way, such as the interschool competition where Rui Xi was harassed by fellow students in the No. 1 dormitory, Xiu Yi's accustion of cheating and several other times when Rui Xi's identity was at stake. The main couple, Rui Xi and Quan, fall deeper into love without noticing over the course of the series.

Hana Kimi ABS-CBN

Jiro Wang (one of the main character, remember him with Started with a Kiss ?)
he's also a member of Fahrenheit

The phenomenal Asianovela that others tried to follow, ABS-CBN uses this tagline [i think] so that it will not be confused that the show is a copy from Coffee Prince which is released on July 2, 2007 while Hana Kimi is in December 1, 2006.

11 Comments on "Hana Kimi, Newest Asianovela on ABS-CBN"

Ferdinand C. Lim on March 16, 2008 said...

that's strange. I saw the tv plug of hana kimi in GMA, then why is it be shown on ABS?

Anonymous said...

its really quite amazing that GMA and ABS got similar TV series,, GMA got the Original Japanese version and ABS got the Taiwanese version..

both series has its similarities: 3 main characters,, a dog,, a gay doctor,, a photo journalist,, the gay-like classmate,, the 'womanizer' dorm head,, 3 dorms.. and most of all all CRAZY adventures..

if it does not have similar time slots,, i would gladly and wilingly switch channels every now and then to watch the 'tagalog' version of my favorite TV series.. i have already watched both on the internet,, and i am so hooked that i might order a DVD copy of both series..

im really happy that my wish (and many other filipinos who've watched it already) that Hanazakari No Kimitachi E (Ikemen Paradaise *japan ver.*) is HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES!!

angelica said...

i rily love hana kimi (taiwan version)!!!!!

wu chun is so cute!!!!!!!

najjems said...


in terms of live action, and faithfulness to the manga plot, he taiwanese version IS the original one, not the japanese version.

Roxanne on May 10, 2008 said...

cute cute ni jiro wang,,, and gwapo ni wu chun,,,


Anonymous said...

ang gwapo talaga ni brian sa hana kimi bagay cla ni joey sana cla ang magkatuluyan sa personal...at cute talaga c tristan

nrc35 said...

hey there. do you know the song that they keep on playing on the background in abs hana kimi? the english one with the guitar intro? its kinda hawaiiang-regae beat. i just couldnt get any info on that song.. thanks

contact me at private.nrc@hotmail.com

melody said...

i love you brian and wesley



your the


ckret! said...


jtf on November 15, 2008 said...


Anonymous said...

please tell me the episode today

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