American Idol: Top 24 Girls Review

Tonight it was the girls turn to take the American Idol stage by storm! Buuuut it was more like drizzle.

Kristy kicked off the show with “Rescue Me” looking like a plastic Barbie doll…although Barbie would never wear those hideous jeans. That’s a song I wouldn’t have expected her to sing but she did give it a teeny bit of a country feel, which was smart. She wasn’t as boring as I expected her to be but as Simon said, it was robotic and she could use a bit more charisma.

I hope she at least saved pictures of that horse….

Next up, Joanne singing “Say A Little Prayer For You”. I didn’t think it was awful, her voice is good but still, we’re missing that X Factor. Just moving an inch on the stage would’ve helped. BUT I have to say I love what she’s wearing! The top half, at least, is totally on point.

I’m still shocked that Alaina managed to weasel her way into the Top 24 with “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday”, and this time again it was actually recognizable! Vocally, she’s better than what she showed us in her audition but I couldn’t begin to laugh at Simon’s obvious bias. She did show up the first two, but the girl wasn’t nearly THAT good and he was just about falling all over her. Puh. leeze.

Amanda sang “ereigoew eijfew fdspb freiw werw”…… Seriously, I couldn’t understand most of what she was singing. The band did a good job though? I won’t say I’m surprised that the judges gave her a tonguebath, because I’m not at all, but it kind ruins their credibility a bit if you ask me.

If she sticks around long, she’s gonna get old FAST.

Out of all the times we’ve heard Amy sing, I don’t think she’s ever been able to hold a note. So I guess that pretty much summs it up. She chose “Where the Boys Are”, which has been done before (and better) but I still think it’s a poor song to choose.

I love Brooke. She took “So Happy Together” and didn’t have to turn it on it’s ear to totally make it her own, and it was absolutely the right song for her. I just love her whole vibe; she sings with feeling and doesn’t have to belt to get her point across.

Oh and I always love her style!

Alexandrea sang “Spinning Wheel”, which was such a great song choice; I love when people step outside their genre, surprise us and make the song their own. What a great start! Her vocals weren’t 100% perfect but she at least showed some range (although her high notes sound a bit thin). Of course, Simon had to whine about it. Ugh, Simon is so simple minded; he liked Alaina but not this? Someone does not appreciate originality.

Kady sang “Groovy Kind of Love” and I never knew this song was sold, but I guess the word “groovy” should’ve been a clue. I’m not a fan of hers, but I think the judges were soooo far off on their critique here. Simon was talking about how he wanted to see a good vocal performance, and then he gets one but can’t even compliment her on that? All he can do is whine about her not being “fun” on a SERIOUS song?? Whatever.

She should learn to handle criticism a bit better though.

Ugh, I’m sick of hearing “Piece of My Heart” on this show. I also don’t particularly care for Asia’h’s voice but she can sing, for sure. So far it seems that she’s the only one who can actually perform and is fun on stage.

“You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” is yet another song I’m tired of hearing on Idol but Ramiele sang it the best. That girl can REALLY sing. It’s just a shame that that song doesn’t build more, otherwise it probably would’ve just blown us all out of the water.

Syesha sang “Tobacco Road”, a song that Phil massacred last year. I like that she chose something we wouldn’t exactly expect from her, because she could probably sing anything. She did her belty thing, of course, which is another thing that will get old for me at least, but every season needs a diva. Compared to the girls in the first half of the show, this looks reeeaaaaal good.

Carly gets the pimp spot! BIG surprise there (or not) but I have no idea why. I have no idea what she sung, but it was a terrible song and she didn’t do any justice for it. And still, all she does is strain and yell; there’s nothing natural about her voice. Randy must be DEAF if he thinks that was the best vocal, and that’s such a slap in the face to the other contestants.

THANK GOD FOR SIMON! Seriously, thank you Simon for not giving into that ridiculousness, ugh.


1. Ramiele
2. Brooke
3. Asia’h
4. Alex
5. Syesha
6. Kady
7. Alaina
8. Kristy
9. Carly
10. Joanne
11. Amy
12. Amanda

Tough ranking tonight. Based on vocals alone, Kady and Alaina were two of the best but others brought it better performance wise. Ramiele was the only one who had both so she wins.

And I have to give round 1 to the guys. None of the girls bombed as bad as a few of the guys last night, I’ll give them that, but the whole night was sort of on one boring note. None of them topped the best performances from the night before! I think they’re going to drop like flies when we get to the top 12.


Should Go: Amy & Amanda
Will Go: Amy & Joanne

Kristy is in danger as well.


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